succulent gardens

mother plants

If I see an unfamiliar succulent, I must have it. Each year, when their summer vacation outdoors comes to an end, they have overgrown their containers. That plant front and center is Ledebouria socialis. It has been divided so many times that wherever I go its offspring are in evidence. This year I rounded up all of the containers that I have been squirreling away and turned them into little succulent gardens.

Ledebouria socialis in box

It won’t take long for these little transplants to gain some presence. Don’t they look cute in this wooden wine box?


This metal box spent a lot of time in R’s studio, where it accumulated the patina of paint dribbles and drips, making it a fitting home for three Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi cuttings.

Haworthia attenuata ‘Zebra’

Good thing I like the look of little plants all in a row, because many of my available containers were oblong box shapes. The divisions here are Haworthia attenuata ‘Zebra’.

collection of succulents

Here is a little sampling of the mini-succulent gardens in a toddler’s cowboy boot, a bag balm tin, a tea tin, a dolmas tin and a tuna tin. The last two also served a stint in the painting studio. I’m thinking these will make nice little hostess gifts. They definitely need to find new homes elsewhere, because we are being driven out of the dining room by overwintering plants.

11 thoughts on “succulent gardens

  1. You’ve got some good company indoors for the cold months ahead! I was at a mall last night and had a hard time not coming home with a cutting of a cool new succulent I’d never seen before. They’d have looked really cool in some of your planters!

  2. Too bad I don’t have any parties planned or I’d be putting you on the guest list in hopes of scoring one of your adorable little containers.

    So reading James comment it sounds like he was contemplating STEALING a cutting from a mall plant. James! Bad boy.

  3. James~I’m betting that you will soon see that coveted plant for sale somewhere. Some of my most successful starts have come from Home Depot. Failing that, someone at the mall might give you permission to pinch a small piece (it doesn’t take much). My mom always swore that stolen plants grew better than legit ones, but then she admitted to having a bit of larceny in her heart.

    Loree~We’re thinking of opening the house in town as a pop-up gallery for two long weekends. You can score a little succulent garden by just stopping by. Specifics to follow soon.

  4. I love making weird old rustic stuff into planters – one of may favorite things is using old satellite dishes for stacked fountains. I plant mostly hardy succulents, but you could use anything succulent as the soil is really shallow.

  5. Marlen~Mmmmm…Thai food! But, like Chinese, I prefer to let the pros cook it. We have some excellent sources in Portland.

    Darla~Just when I think I have OD’d on blogs to visit, up pops one like yours. I just bookmarked it.

    Smarty Plants~Looking forward to exploring your site to read up on succulents.Thanks for stopping by.

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