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I had to go to The Pearl to pick up my new glasses. The shop was across the street from Jamison Square (so named for a wonderful gallery owner no longer with us). On a cold winter’s day it still managed to look inviting, so I thought I would give you a tour.

fallen leaves

Fallen leaves made a lovely tapestry among the grasses.


Pulling back a bit shows how the grasses form a ring around the tree, with large rocks in the inner circle.


And here is the long view of the grove of birches dressed in their winter white.

holiday decor

The Christmas tree and giant packages sit atop the nozzles of a fountain that attracts many children during the summer months. I was a few minutes too late to catch a shot of a tiny pink-clad girl standing on tiptoe between the gift boxes. As darkness falls, the tree comes to life, covered with tiny blue twinkling lights.

jamison totems

At intervals along the western side of the park are modernistic totems.

totems close up

A close-up of one of the totems gives you a better look at the details. This one is in pastels. Others are bolder colors. All are appropriate, as Jamison began with a folk art gallery, then branched out to represent many local artists.

sushi bar

This sushi bar occupies the southeastern corner.

etched windows

Beautiful Japanese stylistic waves and fish are etched on the windows right at eye level for passing pedestrians. Hard to photograph, but I hope you can get the idea.

Portland is filled with little gems of parks like this. I hope to chronicle others in the year to come.

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  1. This is the one square in Portland that my husband and I can enjoy together… I and the dogs enjoy the Square, My husband nips around the corner to Pearl audio…perfect

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