merry christmas to all

topiary tree

Last year we went with a live tree. This time I started with the metal topiary frame, wired on lots of lights: some twinklers and others not, then added my stash of saved-up dried allium and hydrangea blossoms. Doesn’t that Allium schubertii make a great topping for the tree?

topiary tree close-up

I ran off a few cornucopias on my trusty sewing machine and filled them with moss and poppy pods.

Now it is time to thank all of you for your friendship, your comments, your tips and for making me laugh and taking me to places where I will never set foot in real life. You are treasures. Have a wonderful holiday season, and I hope to see you back here in 2011.

8 thoughts on “merry christmas to all

  1. Loree~I think they will be a little worse for the wear once the tree comes down, but there will be another crop soon (yes, I like to think it will be soon). Thanks for the well wishes.

    Jane~Thanks, and same to you.

  2. Hey Ricki, that tree is super inventive and ecologically cool, not to mention spiffy! Love the allium topper. Hydrangea flowers last forever and a day, I still have some a friend gave me probably 5 years ago, they still look beautiful. Happy New Year to you!

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