bloom day indoors & out

<aloe ‘carmine’

This always seems to happen. Last month on Bloom Day, ‘Carmine’ was just coming on. This month it is a little bit past its peak, but I will show it to you anyway because I find its little tubular blossoms so charming.

Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi

See how the Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi has progressed since last month? It will continue to put out these little danglers for some time to come.


While this supermarket Kalanchoe, a gift from a friend, has been producing clouds of pale apricot blooms for months now.

Moving outdoors, one must look closely to pick up on the few emerging blossoms, but we can always depend on primroses even while the slugs give them a run for their money.

Something went screwy with photo editing last night when I was doing this post, but the outdoor pictures were nothing to write home about anyway. Suffice it to say there are violets just beginning to arrive on the scene, snowdrops scattered here and there and some viburnums and daffodils getting ready to pop. Right now it is snowing: big, sloppy, torn-tissue paper flakes that melt on contact with the saturated ground…at least so far. Now I am off to May Dreams Gardens to tour some gardens with more to offer this month.

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