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Well, those of us who thought the gardening season had begun sure got smacked down, didn’t we? Instead of doing, we’re reduced to dreaming of our perfect gardens. A while back, The Oregonian ran an article comparing the typical flower border to one relying on foliage for its impact. Excuse the quality. This is a scan of a newsprint photo, so what can I say?
foliage border

This appeals to me for many reasons. I love the layering of the many shapes and textures. Many of the plants will bear flowers, but there are none in this photo and still it holds one’s interest. Having been through spring and fall cleanup of perennial-heavy gardens, not to mention the deadheading through the summer, the ease of this approach is no small part of its attraction. We already have a number of Italian cypresses in place to provide those exclamation marks, and the driveway curves much like the path in the picture.

our new border

Which is not to say that we haven’t a long way to go, but then that’s half the fun, don’t you think? This photo was taken early in the season last year, after a number of the shrubs planted in the fall had been wiped out by the harsh winter. Some new things went in and seem to be making it through this latest blast, but only time will tell. I will post another progress report in a couple of months, when we can see how everything has fared. But as long as we are dreaming, why not go for broke and take a look at another border:

cactus border

This one in Oaxaca’s ethnobotanical garden. Can you imagine strolling down this white sand path lined with towering cacti?
Then spending the rest of the day exploring the extensive collection of cacti, agave, tropical plants and succulents? Dream on!

8 thoughts on “dream time

  1. If I thought about the kind of garden I’d like to spend time in , I think it would be the first garden… though I wouldn’t mind a little stroll through the “Oaxaco”
    I like the look of your Cypress path! These cold spells are proving very costly in plant replacement!

  2. This is the season for dreaming all right. I can’t believe how nice January was compared to this. Thankfully the rain will be back this coming week. The clippings appeal to me too.

  3. Linda~I guess the draw, to me, of the cactus walk is my unfortunate tendency to be drawn to the unattainable. I’ll invite you over when (hah!) I attain the look of that first garden.

    Loree~You’re a hoot, girl! I was thinking more along the lines of a Mojito at day’s end.

    Grace~I was looking at my Feb folder: temperatures in the 60’s last year and more blooms by now. Brrrr!

  4. I do like that first image. It’s so Northwest, and will be a solace to the gardener during our (numerous) cold, wet months. It looks like you are on your way, at least structurally. I have been thinking about incorporating one or more cypresses into my garden, so this lets me see a way to approach that in my much smaller spaces.
    We are all waiting, somewhat wearily, for a definitive improvement in our weather…dream on!

  5. Uh oh, we’ve all been whacked to the ground by the weather. Even here in “sunny” California where all my beloved fruit trees were stricken by wind, cold, rain, and hail, just at the most crucial time. No jam for us this summer.

    Love the spinnaker flag (well I like them all), but this appeals to me because when we’re at our cottage in Maine the bay is often filled with colorful spinnakers).

    Heading toward spring! Chins up.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  6. Jane~The cypresses are perfect for a small space, as most of the space they require is vertical.

    Sharon~Welcome! I look forward to tracking back to your site for a look-see. Thanks for making yourself known to me.

    Debbie~It does invite exploration, doesn’t it?

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