garden fever

curb appeal

Last week, when I decided to take a little side trip to buy seeds at Garden Fever, it was a bleak and blustery day. In defiance of the wind and rain, the outdoor display dared to hint that Spring really is just around the corner.


A flat of hyacinths is a morale booster if ever there was one.

hummingbird feeders

With the kind permission of owner Lori Vollmer, I took a few shots inside the store, to show you how you might cheer yourself up even on the darkest of days. Just look at this stunning collection of hummingbird feeders. I was on a mission to purchase seeds, but will be back soon to choose one of these to replace my tacky plastic version. Trouble is, I want them all.


This wall is a colorful reminder that gardeners’ gear need not be dull and merely utilitarian.


And where would we be without books to see us through the long winter months?

pots and plants

Out in the yard there are vignettes with groups of pots clustered to show off not only themselves, but specimen trees and shrubs, while in the background the hubbub of incoming plants builds toward the spring surge. I must remember to stop by here more often. It really did lift my spirits and send me off to face whatever the day might bring. What are the shops that do that for you?

4 thoughts on “garden fever

  1. Probably I would love this store but the prices might bring me down even more. I need thrift and bargains to bring me up. This store is just for inspiration. Great post, Ricki.

  2. I do love Garden Fever and feel especially lucky that I live very close. Perfect for just stopping in to see what’s new. Regarding the prices I was told by Greg at Xera that Garden Fever is one of the best places (price-wise….and I can attest to excellent selection-wise) to buy Xera plants. And they definitely are one of the very best places to buy containers. Beating out most of the area nurseries on price and selection!

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