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We were close by, and I wanted to pick up a CD by Esperanza Spalding, the Portland jazz artist who ruined Justin Beiber’s night by winning best new artist. I like going to Music Millenium, even if I didn’t consider it sort of a civic duty to try to prop up local businesses that have been shrinking of late. It is near the gates of the Laurelhurst neighborhood. On the opposite corner, the Laurelhurst Market:

Laurelhurst Market

occupies a handsomely remodeled building with a fence of espalier between the diners/shoppers and the parking lot. It will make a nice screen when it leafs out, but I was glad to see it now with all of the handiwork exposed.


Right next door was this ramshackle but imaginative structure.

more shack

Another angle reveals the mossy roof and more of the details of the cobbled together construction. All was deserted, but it seems someone had had a vision. Hobbits, maybe?<.p>
mud woman

The house adjacent to the lot with the handmade house is guarded by this fun/scary mud woman, who looks out over a weedy expanse of naturalized daffodils.

Ian’s new neighborhood

OK, so time to check out Ian’s potential new neighborhood. Looks like the kind of place to put down roots and raise a family.

next door

Maybe do a little gardening?

bowling birds’ nest

And definitely get to know the neighbors with the sense of humor. Those eggs are bowling balls, with the nest in proportion. That’s it for my guided tour of just a few of the quirky sights on Portland’s east side. I hope Ian and Noami buy the house, so we will have many excuses for further visits.

3 thoughts on “more east side rambles

  1. Someone was having good fun with cob construction over there. It looks like your friends have picked out a great neighborhood…and you can help them reclaim what looks like a well-established garden under that overgrowth!

  2. Jane~Actually. the overgrown yard was the house with the bowling ball nest. Our cousins’ place is a pristine, nearly-clean slate.

    Loree~You east-siders have such fun areas with lots of finds like these.

    Wendy~In another part of town there are lots of these kinds of structures used as community gathering spots. This one sits in the middle of a large lot: community gardens? small specialty nursery? I’ll have to check back. Maybe it comes alive in the summer.

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