the up-side of constant rain

Yes, there is an up side.

waterfall on Hwy 30

We needn’t drive up the
Columbia River Gorge to see waterfalls. This is one of the larger ones, but all along Highway 30 (also known as St Helens Hwy) there are freshets like this, carrying runoff into the river.

waterfall close-up

I can enjoy this sight every time I drive to the grocery store, at least until the summer drought comes along and dries it all up.


And then there is the grass.

more grass

Doesn’t it look spectacular right now? I love it when it is all swirly and uneven and green as …well…grass.

6 thoughts on “the up-side of constant rain

  1. Beautiful photos, Ricki. I appreciate knowing that there really is an upside to this incessant rain. 🙂 Come August we’ll be wishing for it again.

  2. I always look to those freshets along highway 30 for a take on how wet it has been. They’re a perfect record of our local rainfall. Hope you’ve been enjoying the last two days of sun!

  3. ‘freshet’ indeed!
    Driving me to the dictionary again.
    Wouldn’t mind, but I can never find my glasses, and peer and this time I didn’t believe the word even existed.
    “Flood of river from heavy rain or melted snow”
    Can’t see it coming in handy, but always have room for a new word.

    I am putting my foot down: no mowing of lawns when the grass is green and lush. I’ll deal with the complaints later.

  4. Wendy~That would be soft, WET grass…but it won’t be mown until it dries out. It would never be mown at all, if I could have my way.

    Jo~I was hoping that you would check in here, so that I could tell you: when I use my bookmark for your site, I get a message saying that I am not invited to enter your blog. I then tried to email you and it bounced back to me. What’s up with that? I am feeling blue and rejected!

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