nw 23rd stroll

Once upon a time, walking around 23rd was all about the little boutique dress shops and such. Now I gravitate to places that grow things. Oh, I must admit to stopping by Dazzle, a shop that has morphed from artful home goods with a smattering of jewelry to artful clothing, still with a smattering of jewelry. The fancy duds are as flamboyant as any bouquet, and I dare you to pass by their windows, on 23rd and Irving, without sneaking a peek inside.

flowering street trees

The most industrial corner on the street (most of the shops along it are in Victorian houses, or new structures built to look at home in such a setting) is softened by these beautiful flowering cherry trees.

Jenny Greene a-board

Just a little detour down Lovejoy St leads to Jennie Greene Designs “a unique flower shop”, and it really is.

Jennie Greene window display

As I approached, Jennie’s sidekick (who, by all appearances, is as talented as is Jennie herself) was putting the finishing touches on this window display, an architectural wonder utilizing bamboo to support the grid of flowers.

red flower arrangement

That same architectural approach is evident in arrangements using unusual materials to support and enhance the flowers and branches.

yellow floral arrangement

It isn’t very often that I feel the need to go for the extra WOW factor beyond a posy from my garden. When I do, this is the place for it.

mixed hellebore blossoms

Something as simple as an assortment of Hellebore blossoms floating in a bowl is sure to be put into practice at my house.

framed moss

Framed moss: now there’s an idea I can get behind.

succulents in a trug

Succulents in a trug: how cute!

tulips in a rustic basket

Then there were the tulips and twigs in a rustic basket. Is my enchantment showing? This shop started in a tiny space converted from a shipping container next to the coffee shop on 23rd and Pettygrove. They outgrew that space and set up shop just east of 23rd on Thurman. This, then, is their third location, destined for razing in the near future. All this flitting may explain why the A-board above still displays the last address. It could get frustrating, but this is one shop I find worth following around, so I will give you a heads up when they settle into a new space.

Back to 23rd, I was stopped in my tracks by this sidewalk display.

red bench with greenery

The red bench surrounded by all the greenery would have done the job, but just beyond it:


Succulents, a few of them new to me.

decorated entryway

The rusted decorative gate made a perfect foil for the entryway, decorated to within an inch of its life.

floral exotics

Now if what I was after was a selection of unusual material by the stem, I would come here, to Luv “N” Stuff. As it was, I blew the last of my cash on succulents. Just as an aside, it seems that while succulents are the new “hot” plant, none of the suppliers provide labels for these fascinating plants. We should lobby for them to do that, but I have no idea where to start. Any ideas?

magnolia leaves

wall cooler for flowers

5 thoughts on “nw 23rd stroll

  1. Gosh I need to get back up to NW 23rd, it’s been awhile.

    I had spotted that first shop Jennie Greene Designs on my way to the doc a couple months back. Naturally I didn’t have time to stop then (always late for doc appts) and I forgot to go back. Thank you for the reminder to check them out!

  2. I’ll pass on the moss, but the rest was fab. And quite a few thoughts one can take home.
    You’ll be doing your Martha Stewart act soon then, will you?
    Lovely to visit your flowershop with you.
    Where are we going next?

  3. Loree~Definitely your kind of place, I think.

    Grace~Methinks I am building a case for you to visit Portland.

    Wendy~Prices about standard for specialty shops…occasional splurge level.

    Jo~I have a visit to some of our famous fountains in mind. Oh, and the farmers’ markets. And…guess I am not about to run out of places to take you anytime soon.

  4. Love the framed moss and those gorgeous succulents. You get out to such interesting places…and right here in Portland, too!

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