asparagus two ways

asparagus in a vase with peonies

We went to the farmers’ market to get tomato plants, and kind of went our separate ways. When we got home, we saw that each of us had purchased a generous bunch of asparagus. One we ate, of course. The second bunch got put in a vase to help support a bouquet of peonies (tree peony ‘Chinese Dragon’).

In case you’re interested, my favorite way to serve asparagus is lightly steamed, with a sprinkle of this concoction: sauté onions in butter, add dry mustard and almond meal and sprinkle over the asparagus. Wendy can put you in touch with all kinds of yummy ways to use the season’s bounty, and even offers prizes if you want to join in the fun.

5 thoughts on “asparagus two ways

  1. ooh, I bet that would be really yummy that way. I must try that. Actually, your concoction sounds like it would be great on just about anything! No, I’ve really got to try that.

    That’s so endearing that you both met up with asparagus – and how smart to add to the peonies like you did. The arrangement is gorgeous!

  2. Wendy~We are all eating better during the growing season…in large part thanks to you.

    Grace~So often the peonies get beaten down by rain. We are lucking out this year.

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