morning after…foliage follow-up

Head feeling a little woozy after over-indulging in the glut of blossoms in yesterday’s GBBD posts? Pam has come up with the perfect tonic to set you straight. Here are a few of mine before you skip on over there to see what she has up her sleeve for July.

Ceanothus impressus ‘Victoria’

Ceanothus impressus ‘Victoria’

prostrate Ceanothus

A prostrate ceanothus…that’s all I know about it

Ceanothus x ‘Blue Jeans’

Ceanothus x ‘Blue Jeans’ By having several of the California lilacs, the bloom time spreads over a long time, but what I really like about them is their shiny, year-round foliage: a little different on each variety, but still recognizable.

Cotinus ‘Purple Robe’

Cotinus ‘Purple Robe’

Ginko biloba

Ginko biloba (still a mere baby)

Tetrapanex papyriferous ‘Steroid Giant’

Tetrapanex papyriferus ‘Steroid Giant’ Giant? Hardly! Will this ever become the towering grove of mammoth leaves I envisioned (and was warned about) when I planted it in 2009? Oh well, they are pretty little things, just not what I expected.

Phlomus russeliana

I keep dividing my Phlomus russeliana. The new divisions are foliage plants for a while. The leaves are just a little bit fuzzy.

I could go on and on when it comes to foliage, but must remember that old show biz adage: “always leave ’em wanting more”. If you really still want more, pop on over to Digging.

5 thoughts on “morning after…foliage follow-up

  1. Your Tetra and mine look about the same… cute and small! I know we have to be patient, but I’m with you in looking forward to a non-stop forest of crazy-big leaves.

    I’d love to know the name of your prostrate Ceanothus: I somehow understood (apparently incorrectly) that most of the prostrate forms were less hardy. I know your temps and conditions are a bit more trying than those of us in the flatlands of Portland, so it’s great to see it flourishing for you.

  2. Oh, you have a ginkgo! They are so beautiful. I have seen 2 or 3 in Austin over the years — rare enough to excite me when I see one. Your other foliage choices are interesting too. Thanks for joining in again!

  3. RBell~Guess that’s why so many artists use those leaves for inspiration.

    Grace~Warm weather? It’s been raining hgard all morning.

    Jane~ I’ll see what I can find out. We got it from Joy Creek and it got through last winter, no problem.

    Pam~And thank YOU…for hosting, and for stopping by.

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