sugar snap peas

sugar snap peas

These are by far my most successful crop (R is the head food gardener around here). Maybe it’s the “Oregon” in the name: Oregon Sugar Pod II. Whatever, one half whisky barrel is usually devoted to them. I think next year I will plant more so that I can freeze some. They put out just enough that I can use them in something about every third day. My favorite dish so far was a stir fry with a little bit of sausage, the last of the bok choy, onions and garlic sauted in sesame oil with a splash of soy sauce.

Wendy posts wonderful garden-to-table recipes every Saturday. I’m jumping the gun (or dragging my feet, depending upon how you look at it) because we’re heading for Sunriver in the morning. My camera is all charged up and ready to go, so I hope to have fun shots to share when we get back. Have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “sugar snap peas

  1. Could it be the result of all the rain we’ve been having? Or maybe it’s just R’s great gardening skills. Either way, congrats on a wonderful crop. Have a fun, safe trip.

  2. This year was the first crop of peas I pulled before getting a single pod. Planted in February they were pulled in May to make room for the tomatoes. It was a sad day as I LOVE sugar snaps. I am envious of your crop.

  3. Grace~I guess the peas do like it a bit cooler (always SOMETHING to be grateful for).

    Loree~I would gladly trade success with peas for the success you have with all things spiky.

  4. You’ve reminded me, I received ‘oregon’ seeds in a swap and forgot to plant them. hope they’ll keep until next year. My other peas were mostly eaten by the slugs but the few I’ve gleaned were the most delicious ever. Nothing beats a fresh pea so I’m glad you got a good crop.

  5. Cally~Thanks for stopping by…it led me to your blog, which I enjoyed very much.

    Wendy~Guess I can add one more reason to be grateful to live in the PNW. Glad you like the banners!

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