weekend wanderings

‘Lucifer’ hedge

A little drive to St Helens took me by this “hedge” of Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’. I usually prefer it as a single specimen, but must admit that a long line of it massed along the meridian was a show stopper.

dragon bike

On the way home, I stopped to take a picture of this motorbike-cum-dragon. It was a poor day for picture taking, but I have passed by this so many times with no camera on hand that I decided to just go for it.

The Benson hotel

On Sunday, Din took the whole family to brunch at the London Grill in the venerable old Benson Hotel. As we gathered in the lobby, I was mesmerized by the floral arrangements, wondering where they ever found Oriental lilies of such a saturated orange.

oops…they’re fake

Closer inspection told the tale: fake flowers, all. HPSO members are spoiled by the massive flower arrangements of the real thing gracing every one of our meetings. Brunch did not disappoint, however. The wood paneled, clubby restaurant puts out five or six tables groaning under the weight of every conceivable edible that might be taken in at that hour of the day.

PHReed in the Pearl

Walking it off, we found ourselves in The Pearl District, checking out the new digs of PH Reed. That back pot contains black bamboo that tops out at about 12′.

more PH Reed

At the other side of the alcove bracketing the new shop sits another grouping of the same pots, different plantings. The new iteration of this home furnishings and accessories shop is much smaller than their last venue. It has served to focus their selections and makes for a pleasing experience. Good to remember that bigger is not always better. Should probably have kept that in mind when loading up on eggs benedict and hazelnut torte.

2 thoughts on “weekend wanderings

  1. My hubby and I stayed at The Benson on our wedding night [31 years ago] and had dinner at The London Grill. This sure brings back memories. Nice pot groupings. Not too sure about that dragon monstrosity. It definitely catches your attention though, doesn’t it? 🙂

  2. Grace~That sounds like an elegant start for a honeymoon…especially back then. Can you imagine passing that dragon on the road?

    Wendy~Yay! You’re back to being able to make comments!

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