time to feast

tomatoes on the vine

We wait, and we watch, and we even name some of the tomatoes, as they seem to be as slow to develop as a human child.

Estelle the tomato

Think that sounds crazy? Meet Estelle, a tomato with not only personality, but, um… attitude.

beginning of the tomato harvest

And then, all of a sudden, we are bombarded with an avalanche of tomatoes…among other things. Today was spent putting up tomato sauce, with Norah Jones on the stereo and anticipation of opening a jar of summer deep in January. But the first, the juiciest, the most perfect of the early (all things are relative) arrivals was ceremoniously made into BLT’s. The base was Dave’s Killer Bread, lightly toasted. I must indulge in an aside about this bread,made by an ex-con who puts his story on every package, along with the slogan: “Just say NO to BREAD ON DRUGS”. Slather Dave’s “Powerseed” with Best Food’s Real Mayonnaise and pile on thick slabs of home-grown tomato, pepper bacon from the butcher shop, fried until crispy, and a generous pile of lettuce. We wait all year for this, and, in my book, it beats out turkey at Thanksgiving, or any other seasonal treat you can dream up.

Visit Wendy for the Garden to Table Challenge to see what others are doing with the season’s bounty.

13 thoughts on “time to feast

  1. Well, well, isn’t Estelle a thing of beauty and pizzazz? I bet she tastes even better! Your BLT sounds deeeelish! We buy the Killer Bread too and really enjoy it. Tomatoes are aplenty right now and I eat one or two with every meal. So yummy! Btw, I am going to look on the link you posted for Linda to see if I can get an image of your book’s cover to download and use for my review. I just finished the book and enjoyed every single word of it! You are such a delight. More later…

  2. A BLT was the first thing we made with our ripe tomatoes this year. I’m glad to hear you use real mayo, too: Best Foods can’t be beat for this meal. I’m also partial to a simple tomato and mayo sandwich with plenty of salt and pepper (on untoasted bread.) Any way you slice it, tomato ripening is worth celebrating.

  3. That Ms. Estelle…well, she is a naughty little tomato! 🙂
    Have had Killer Bread, but never thought about the story…now I will look a little closer, thanks for that! And, thanks for the BeBop Garden book, will be looking for that, too!

  4. Love Estelle! This year, the most prolific tomato in my disappointing garden is a Russian beauty called Black Krim. Gnarled and distorted, the deep mahogany face goes to a rosy blush at its core. It’s beautiful in a mysterious way, but I still prefer the sunny sweetness of Stupice. Next year…

  5. Grace~Thanks for all of your kind words, and for spreading the news about the book. You have such a loyal following that it will reach into nooks and crannies I wouldn’t have been able to access.

    Cate~Welcome! I hope you will return, as I am about to follow Grace’s advice and do a post about the book with links to ordering sources.

    Sally Anne~I am partial to the dark ones too…I think ours is called Dark Prince. The Pineapple tomato is another favorite. Thanks for stopping by, now I am off to visit you and Cate (see above) to see what you are all about.

  6. I came to have a look see after reading Grace`s review of your book (which sounds like a lot of fun!) .. OMG ! that rebel tomato has a few chips on its shoulders eh !
    The description of the BTL sounds scrumptious .. but add some turkey to it and you have all the bases covered ! LOL

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