Pistils on Mississippi

My plan was to take you up and down Mississippi Ave in North Portland today, then focus on a few of the shops in subsequent posts. Then I visited danger garden and was reminded that Pam has declared October “support your local independent nursery month”. So I am reshuffling the order and taking you straight to Pistils. With a name like that and a building as colorful, quirky and inviting as the one pictured above, I can’t imagine anyone walking right on by without checking it out.

looking through the fence

As you approach the entrance, a wrought-iron fence allows a glimpse into the yard, which stretches down one side and into the back.

doorway and signage

To get there, you must enter through the shop

caged display

…where an artist’s eye is everywhere in evidence.

terrariums and shells

It’s a gift shop; it’s a plant haven; it’s an idea factory…and we haven’t even stepped outside yet.


But when we do, we find that all outdoor plants are 25% off. Even at this late date, there are plenty of unusual and hard-to-find offerings… like medlars (where else have you seen those for sale?)

side door

back yard

chicken coop

Even the chicken coop has a boatload of charm. In the spring there are baby chicks for sale. Summers, the birds are loose among the plants. On this visit they were contentedly cooped up and clucking softly.

decorated wall

This is a small gem of a place that delivers big in satisfaction and intrigue. I would be hard-pressed to name a favorite favorite, but Pistils would definitely be in my “elite class”.

7 thoughts on “Pistils

  1. Grace~Of course, an agastache, but left behind the ‘Arapahoe’ crape myrtle I really wanted because of el nina predictions.

    Loree~There was lots of tempting stuff, but I was strong. My past is littered with dead “bargains”.

    Pam~I loved the idea, and they really need our full support.

  2. Just getting to this post after reading your general Mississippi post, so I already mentioned Pistils as one of my haunts. It’s such a quintessental part of the scene her and my go-to shop when I need a small plant or supply and want a walk. As for the La Nina predictions…we have a crape myrtle that has gracefully weathered the past three winters. The jury’s out on Lagerstroemia ‘Natchez’, though, as I just planted it out this spring. Fingers crossed!

  3. Jane~I don’t worry too much about things that have been in the ground for at least half the year, but success rate for fall planting has not been great. I will go back for Arapahoe in the spring. Hey! Maybe Mississippi is the next place we could meet for coffee?

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