a day for fiendish pursuits

skeleton lights

With Christmas decor sneaking in and overlapping with Halloween (what ever happened to Thanksgiving as the kickoff point?), I still found a lot of enthusiasm for ghoulish decorating. I love the way this string of skeleton lights took on a ghostly quality when photographed through a window at mid-day.

skeleton riding horse

I guess I have missed my chance to return to this scene at night, when the horse carrying one of the skeletons would be aglow with an eerie inner light, while the other skeleton keeps trying to escape his balcony perch. A scene from Romeo and Juliet this is not.

skeleton paper garland

Skeletons seem to be the major theme this year. This bony chorus is a paper garland, again shot through the window, for an even more other-worldly (or should I say nether-worldly) effect.

LanSun Halloween window

The windows at LanSun on Mississippi are always heavily decorated, so it is no surprise that they would go all out for Halloween.

ghost bride at St Helens Books

The little town of St Helens takes the holiday seriously ever since the Twilight team filmed there. Outside of the Book Store, a ghost bride urges one and all to “eat, sleep, read”. Good advice…I think I will do one of those three things now.

6 thoughts on “a day for fiendish pursuits

  1. Ricki, Like Loree, I have a fondness for skeletons. One of my favorites halloween costumes as a kid was a skeleton costume, you remember the kind with the plastic masks that would get all ot & sweaty from breathing in them:)

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