“weather event”

deep snow

Here’s what we woke up to on Wednesday morning…about a foot of very wet snow. It broke many tree limbs and bent others (and even some whole trees) to the ground. It also kept me from an event I was very much looking forward to…reading from BeBop Garden for a garden club in Vancouver WA. They were gracious about my wimpy ways and assured me that we could reschedule for a couple of months hence. Enough with the carping. It was really pretty.

snow scene with flags

Everything covered in white becomes even more dramatic viewed through the line of flags at our front deck’s edge.

snow scene taken with the flash on

Richard took a few pictures with the flash on. I like the effect…very different than the first pictures, taken with the snow setting. Here’s another one:

more flash

Unfortunately, we can’t seem to reach a level where these special effects are anything other than accidents. By this afternoon, most of the beauty had dissolved into a bleak, dismal slush. R commented that it was an Edgar Allen Poe sort of day. Hah! Turns out today was EAP’s birthday!

5 thoughts on ““weather event”

  1. Interesting, the connection to EAP. I love your snow photos. Just gorgeous. We got very little snow down here but BUCKETS and GALLONS of rain. Kind of like a Noah’s Ark day. I wonder if it was his birthday too. 🙂

  2. Linda~It’s called the Minnehaha Garden Gate Club and it meets in the Minnehaha Grange Hall. Wouldn’t it be great if you were a member by the time I get invited back?

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