after the storm

‘Thunderhead’ pine

The rain ceased, the clouds parted and a patch of blue sky could be seen: a fine opportunity for a walk around our place and up the road. I spent a long time looking for my ‘Thunderhead’ pine back before they started popping up everywhere. It has been in place now for about four years and was beginning to earn its name, before this drastic pruning job administered by Mom Nature. It lost a good half of its volume. Several less precious pines out in the front hedgerow suffered lesser damage.

broken birch

We have a little grove of birches along the entry drive. Several of them had their main leaders broken off.

sapsucker damaged birch trunk

Of course, the birches had been weakened by the attack of the sapsuckers, who had drilled them full of holes before R put the protective cages of chicken wire around them. This latest of several home remedies seems to be doing the trick, especially if I keep the suet feeders full.

rain-beaten grasses

Grasses that had been standing tall have been beaten to the ground. Guess I can’t put off cutting them back much longer.

roadside snow

Out on the road, the remnants of the snow storm linger. Many of our neighbors had burn piles going to deal with the debris. With all that wet material it looked like they were sending smoke signals back and forth.

forest damage

The forest gets thinned out naturally from time to time. This go-around left broken branches and fallen trees all over the place.

salvaged rocks

Loosened rocks fall onto the roadsides every winter. We hauled home some beauties today.

mossy rock

Here’s a rock from a previous plundering party that has had a chance to settle in and accumulate some moss. Seldom have I met a rock that didn’t call out to me for adoption.

It was pointed out to me by Loree, that most dangerous of gardeners, that I have been largely absent from the blogosphere of late. I was touched to have it noticed. I guess I am beginning to feel some spring-like stirrings that should prompt a spate of new subjects to spout off about. Thanks you, as always, for stopping by.

5 thoughts on “after the storm

  1. And why is it that the one that gets damaged is the special one? Happens too often.

    I too enjoyed a long walk yesterday, the bit of sun was magic after days and days of rain and snow. Unfortunately today it looks like more grey ahead. Perfect weather to stay inside and work on garden blog posts!

  2. Loree~It does seem that way, doesn’t it?

    I’m seeing sunny days in the forecast, so you’re right: today’s the day to stockpile some posts. I don’t know how you remain so consistent no matter what.

  3. Jane~Our own fault, really…we should have been out there early, knocking the heavy snow load off of everything. Whine away…sometimes it really does help.

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