it’s a rocky road

Walking on the beach, along a river bank or just on my daily walk up our road, I am compulsive about picking up rocks. I am partial to smooth, egg-shaped rocks, though round or oblong discs will do. I have written here before about big rocks that I drag home from driving jaunts, but here I’m talking about little rocks…the kind that can fill up my pockets.

grouping of medium sized rocks

If you were to visit (and oh, how I wish you could), you would see little groupings like this collection of medium-sized rocks, and one to grow on.

kitchen windowsill bare

The kitchen windowsill did not appeal to me. This window looks out to the cherry trees and the bird feeders & bath, so it is always good for a show.

windowsill rocks

Filled with rocks (guess they are more like pebbles), it pleases me as I stand here admiring avian antics.

heart-shaped rock

I was tickled to find a heart-shaped rock. I like the way it looks at the feet of my goofy earring holder.

collection of flower frogs

Here is part of my collection of flower frogs…

rock frogs

but I rarely use them for their intended purpose, because rocks work so much better (in a tall vase,

rock frog 2

…or a shallow one.

rocks as mulch

Lately, I’ve been emptying my pockets into large container plantings. They keep the soil from splashing up and give a nice finishing touch.

rock earrings

Even my favorite earrings are a pair of matched rocks, wire wrapped, with an extra little silver dangle to dress them up a bit. What about you? Do you have a rock fetish? Or perhaps some other siren (plants don’t count here, we all share that obsession) lures you onto the rocks. I would love to hear about it.

3 thoughts on “it’s a rocky road

  1. Wendy~I have quite a stash of bottle caps myself…envision them used sort of like mosaic tiles to fashion a “tree of life” on some door panels I have also been lugging around. I’ve seen teaspoons used as plant tags and wind chimes to nice effect. Smooth glass…how could you go wrong? Though kids & Hubby might have something to say about the use of their treasure.

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