Valentine Bloom Day ? say it with flowers

orchids indoors

Friends brought us a pair of these pots of orchids when they came to Thanksgiving dinner. Hard to imagine a longer-lasting, more rewarding hostess gift, despite its delicate looking, exotic beauty. It has served as the sole blooming thing through the long, dreary winter months.

Aloe ‘Carmine’

For the second year running, the Aloe ‘Carmine’ has sent up a blooming stalk. It always seems like a victory of sorts, though I think of this as primarily a foliage plant. I’m working up the courage to perform the operation to sever her pup and try to grow it on. My timidity comes from the absolute lack of growth on the Agave pup (one year, no change…at least it seems not to be dying.)

blue primrose

Finally, a few blooms are venturing forth out-of-doors. For some reason, the blue primroses come first, followed closely by the white. The early birds are a little battered by the rain, and the duff from the cedar trees must be brushed aside to even see them. As spring melts into early summer, the foliage will grow into a handsome statement.

Galanthus elwesii (giant snowdrop)

I haven’t enough of these to make much of a statement, but I do appreciate Galanthus elwesii for its early arrival.

Hamamelis intermedia ‘Diane’

The Hamamelis intermedia ‘Diane’ is in full bloom, while some of the deep brown leaves still cling to the branches. It makes for a stunning combination. ‘Diane’ has no discernable scent, so I may need to break down and buy one of the yellow ones, even though this color is much preferred…or maybe I’ll just spring for a Daphne…any suggestions?

>May Dreams Gardens is the portal through which we can enter the world of garden bloggers’ blooms on the 15th of each month. I couldn’t resist posting a day early to combine it with a wish for you to have a very Happy Saint Valentine’s Day. Oh, and if you happen to be at the Yard Garden & Patio Show on Friday, I’ll be manning the HPSO booth from noon to three. Come by to say “Howdy”, won’t you? Here is roughly what I look like. I say roughly, because I can’t seem to make the hair look the same two days running…but the glasses are hard to miss.

this is me

7 thoughts on “Valentine Bloom Day ? say it with flowers

  1. Aloes and orchids…all in the temperate Northwest. Pretty exotic stuff! I bred phalaenopsis orchids a couple decades ago and I was always stunned that more people didn’t grow them with their months-lasting flower spikes. It’s nice to know that you’ve been let in on the secret! Happy bloomday!

  2. Beautiful bloomers! There is Sarcococca too. It starts blooming right after Christmas and is still in full bloom now. The flowers aren’t much to look at but the scent is wonderful.

  3. Loree~Sadly, life intervened and I didn’t make it to YGP. I know I can count on you for a full report of all the hilights.

    James~The exotic stuff spends winter indoors, of course. The trick will be to see if I can get those orchids to rebloom…spotty record on that.

    Grace~I actually don’t like the scent much (I know…most find that odd), so it is buried in the woodland…but I do love the black berries that come later.

    Wendy~It IS fun…surprising for an introvert at heart.

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