see my Q&A on the Herman Miller blog

Lots of stars aligned to make this happen. The famous furniture purveyor just released an outdoor collection based upon the classic Eames Aluminum Group Lounge Chair of 1958. That put them in a frame of mind to be considering garden-related subjects. One of their primary bloggers does a series based on music and the play lists of their interviewees “Where Life and Work Meet”. So the title of my book, BeBop Garden, got their attention and they sent me a few questions. It was fun to take off in a new direction, following someone else’s interpretation of “riffing and jiving in the plant kingdom”. If you click on the link to the collection in the introduction to the interview, you will be reminded of the genesis for so much of the outdoor furniture (cheap copies, all) that pop up next to the BBQ’s in every one-stop shopping center this time of year. Oh, to have the means to pop for the real thing! Chic elegance, thy name is Herman Miller, and I thank you for the opportunity to latch onto your coat-tails for a brief moment.

12 thoughts on “see my Q&A on the Herman Miller blog

  1. Wow, this is gonna be great for your book! See you’ll be rich and famous in no time and buying all their fabulous furniture. So happy you got this opportunity. I also enjoyed seeing a couple shots of your work space.

  2. Congrats, Ricki. This is awesome although I must confess to my ignorance where your play list is concerned. I am aware however of Norah Jones and Rubber Band Man. 🙂

  3. Hey, congrats on the shout out! That’s really cool! I really appreciate your double mention of silence as the best way to be truly present.

    Besides, music without silence in between is just noise.

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