ready, aim, click!


I didn’t realize, when taking the above picture, that it was the perfect moment. See how the lavender-blue triangles on the banner pick up exactly the color of the ceanothus in the foreground? The splash of white from the iris on the left balances the frame holding the banner. Wish I could say this was all perfectly planned. I didn’t even fully realize what I had, and rashly trashed the original shot once I had shrunk it to the size you see here. Now I am wishing I had saved it, because the whole scene has changed and I can’t retrace my steps.

I keep learning this lesson the hard way: keep that camera handy and do not let the special moments go unrecorded. Even the next day, the light will be different, the flower will have passed its peak, the shot will be lost. It lives on in memory, of course…and perhaps gains in glory by having escaped capture.

One thought on “ready, aim, click!

  1. My dear Ricki:I was going to call you to get your email & your wonderful p-card arrived today….so here I am telling you this whole deal is super. I haven’t read everything but I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen. So…we have a new way (for me) to keep in touch. We’ve had our laptop since Dec. but I’m not very techy.The Franny’s are coming in Sept. with 2 dogs. Oh my. Hope to hear from you soon. GOOD WORK. xxoosusanmargaretcurranellis

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