Janet’s sale & a walk around her neighborhood

When I wrote about Janet’s sale a couple of years ago, I included photos of her garden, so this time around I thought I would take you on a tour of her immediate neighborhood.

house in the trees

Hers is a long-established neighborhood, shaded by many mature trees and landscaped yards. The architecture is varied, but largely camouflaged by flowers and greenery.

a border of greenery

Strolling down the street takes one past a variety of styles. This is very close to the look I am aiming for along our entry drive.

more of that border

Looking back along that same border.

dogwood tree

I felt fortunate to be there at this dogwood tree’s peak of perfection.

a typical style

A typical layout is a streetside border (no sidewalks) through which can be glimpsed an expanse of lawn, with the house beyond.

corner border

another corner

Janet with customers

Once I had made my selections: a claret day lily, two monkshoods, a Syrinchium striatum, a fall aster and a Heliantum maximillianii, there was a lull in the buying frenzy. I had brought Janet a copy of BeBop Garden and we posted an “out to lunch” sign and headed to neighbor Mike Darcy’s place to take him a copy. Do you know about Mike? He has been the voice of gardening at 101 on the FM radio dial for years. Tune in on a Saturday morning at 9 am, and he can carry you through your weekend chores with garden talk, a call-in section if you have a burning question and, for instance, last Saturday’s fascinating interview with Richard Turner, editor emeritus of Pacific Horticulture magazine. Mike has a glorious mature garden which I would have loved to point my camera at, but we were in a rush to get back to the plant sale. Maybe another time. I can tell you that Mike’s newest preoccupation is a hive of bees, which he has discovered holds a fascination for his grandson. I didn’t get to see Nick in his own little beekeeper suit, but I have a mental picture and am told he is reading everything he can get his hands on regarding apiary pursuits. What a great, educational bonding experience.

back yard view

Having a “native guide” is always an asset. Taking a shortcut back to Janet’s, we were able to take in this view. I will leave you with this image…no word required.

7 thoughts on “Janet’s sale & a walk around her neighborhood

  1. “No word required?” Well, how ’bout “Wow!” What a great view!

    It seems to be the season for garden tours, so thanks for your informal one. The variations on the the border/lawn/house theme are pretty interesting to compare. When people down here think of installing a border too often it ends up having razor-sharp edges. I like the informality and softness in the gardens you found.

  2. Loree~I hear you on the planting…been doing that all day.

    James~Wow works for me.

    Janet~ There are two of those trees in that yard, and their bloom time is reason enough for a garden party to celebrate them.

  3. Dang. I wish I could have been a fly on that wall, or fence post. I’ve always had a mild crush on Mike. I wish he would bring back his TV show. How nice that he received a copy of your book. Looks like a wonderful plant sale. And it didn’t rain! Have a fun time in the sun this weekend. 🙂

  4. Grace~He has invited me back to take those pictures…wanna come? This weekend is shaping up to be a beaut! Happy Mothers’ Day to you.

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