the bloom post for May

Disporum cantoniense ‘Night Heron’

I had to lead with this, even though my many attempts yielded no very good image of Disporum cantoniense ‘Night Heron’. This is new, and just a baby being coddled on the deck until the new bed I am working on is ready for it. The flowers are subtle, but well worth the effort of close inspection.

Rhododendron Loderi ‘Saint George’

We are right in the middle of Rhody season, bloom-wise. Although our shopping is based on leaf forms, some of them are spectacular in bloom. Rododendron Loderi ‘Saint George’, above, is like a giant bridal bouquet.

orange guem

The passalong orange geum had little chance to bloom last year because the deer nipped off most of the buds. A preemptive strike with nasty hot spray did the trick and it is going great guns.

Euphorbia ‘Fire Charm’

‘Fire Charm’ is the latest addition to my Euphorbia collection.

Epimedium x warleyense

I am glad you couldn’t see the contortions I went through to get this shot of Epimedium x warleyense. Suffice it to say that the entire plant is only a foot high.

bouquet of Nectaroscorum siculum and Iris

This is not a bouquet that will appeal to everyone, but it does to me. It has been fun to watch the Nectaroscorum siculum emerge from its carapace like a butterfly, and let’s zoom in on that Iris…

pale lavender Iris

so that you can appreciate the delicate pale lavender. On my monitor, at least, it is pretty true to the real color.

mystery plants

Finally, I hope you can help me to identify these newcomers that sprinkled themselves beneath some shrubs in the berm on the east side of our house. They almost look like wildflowers, but so far I’ve had no luck in tracking them down.

All of the usual suspects are blooming their little hearts out. It is May, after all. I’ve tried to be selective and show you what is new (to me, at least) or outstanding. Carol has made it her mission to introduce us to bloomers world-wide.

7 thoughts on “the bloom post for May

  1. The neighbors must have a great time laughing at us bloggers getting ready for bloom day or any other posting for that matter. Yes, hopefully someone was around with a camera to document you getting a pic of the Epimedium!

    I do happen to like your bouquet–really, I’d call it an arrangement. The blooms have a great ikebana-ready look going on.

    I’m afraid I can’t help ID your mystery plant at the end, but hopefully one of your other visitors will. It looks too cool to yank. Happy Bloomday!

  2. Scott~They were alliums for the longest time: another of those pesky name changes. I tried several times to leave comments on your blog, but it cut out every time…anyway, loved your allium post, and because they are in the onion family, the critters mostly leave them alone.

    Linda~Ah! Rodgersia! Now I know what else to put in that bed. Thanks!

    James~Fortunately, I was well out of the sight-lines of neighbors, but they have plenty of opportunities to get their laughs.

    Loree~Well, the buds were there when I brought it home. ‘Fire Charm’ was front and center when I bopped over to Joy Creek to pick up “just one bag of gravel”…Hah!

  3. Your have some beautiful blooms, that ‘Night Heron’ is awesome.

    The epimedium is pretty, I appreciate the contortions you go through. I had to do the same to get shots of my abutilon over the winter.

  4. Shirley~We have to leave our egos behind when we are out there taking pictures, don’t we?

    Wendy~The bloom time is short, but the leaves alone are worth seeking it out.

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