dental implants???

front border

Our dentist’s office is in one of those typical suburban medical office buildings, but with a difference. The owner of the building is into plants.

more borders

Lush borders run all along the front, between the parking lot and the building.

side border

Along one side, this planter stuffed with daylilies is about to burst into bloom.


On the other side of that same walkway, hens and chicks spill over the stonework, with foxgloves and geraniums, among other things, filling out the bed.

back border

Around back, the steep slope is terraced, with enough repetition to give continuity, but a broad palette of plants to keep it interesting.

yes that’s bishop’s weed

And here is a good example of how we can be suckered into planting the evil bishop’s weed. It looks quite lovely here, don’t you think?

long view of back border

As seen here, it seems to be playing nice, but I intend to keep an eye on it to see if it begins to perpetrate acts of homicide on its neighbors.

shade border

Close to the building on that back side, where little light penetrates, hostas rule.


Even the stairs are softened with creeping sedums.


…taking you back up into the sunlight, where a terraced veggie garden is in the works.

view from second floor

Because of the steep slope, this is the view through the window of the waiting room on the second floor. There are no very unusual or interesting plants in this composition, but the overall impression is delightful, just the same. If anything can take the sting out of a visit to the dentist, this, for me, is it.

6 thoughts on “dental implants???

  1. Hi Ricki. Sorry I’ve been away so long. Yes, I agree, I’d be more inclined to visit a hort-loving dentist too. These photos are amazing. I love the Hens & Chicks spilling over. I’m inclined to believe that Bishop’s Weed is like most plants. If you situate it correctly it’s not half bad. 🙂 Thanks for the tour.

  2. My dentist gives me Valium if I have to have work done or else I would totally switch to yours. Yay for a good view while you’re getting your teeth cleaned!

  3. Jane~Thanks, Jane…I liked the header too, but am now wondering if it is why a bunch of strange spam is suddenly getting past Akismet.

  4. Wendy~Can’t imagine staring into people’s mouths all day, but lots of people think we’re nuts for getting off on digging in the dirt.

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