the nose knows

I am one of those weird gardeners who actually enjoys weeding. While many would prefer to hand off this lowly chore to a team of teens, I get lost in the process. A lot of editing goes on, as I decide to let the rampant violets live to merge into ground cover, but consign the nigella to the compost, knowing that however diligent I might be, plenty of them will live to reseed another day.

Yesterday, as I mucked about in the rain (more of a mist, and perfect gardening weather in my book) I was rewarded by the scent of peanut butter from a crushed Datura leaf. Two other plants in my garden exude this yummy scent when their leaves are brushed: Clerodendrum and Melianthus major. In both cases, I read somewhere that they have an unpleasant odor…go figure.

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