pot flags are practical!

When I first started making the pot flags, I regarded them as an impulse buy, to lure in potential buyers with a lower-priced item. I bought one of the new sun-friendly coleus to put in a big pot on the porch. It was a lovely acid-green, with subtle shades of orange around the margins. Each day, I would stick a few pot flags around the peremiter of the pot, to show how flags can substitute for flowers when blossoms are in short supply. As the summer progressed, the coleus grew more luscious by the day, but eventually became top-heavy and wanted to flop. The utilitarian role of the pot flags became apparent: they would prop up the sagging coleus in addition to their showier duties.

One thought on “pot flags are practical!

  1. Hi Ricki, Fully planned to see you this month at your work site or Carlton. As usual, LIFE got in the way. Just read your blog to catch up—and that was great fun. Feel like we just had a good chat. Will look forward to hearing how Carlton turned out.

    Wanted to say that the pot flags look great. Still hoping to see some wedding banners (customized with bridal colors ?!?!) Currently, I don’t know anyone getting married outdoors—or getting married. period. But when I do, I’ll send them your way. Will make it a point to see you soon.
    Happy height of summer, Diana

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