September GBBD

I’ll keep the chit chat to a minimum here, and let the flowers do the talking.

red dahlia

Red dahlia, about 3″ across



fuchsia ‘Golden Gate’

Fuchsia ‘Golden Gate’…feast for hummers

Gaura lindenhamerii

Gaura lindenhamerii, munched by dear in early spring, came roaring back. The tallest flower spike is 8′.

Gaura close-up

I think it rates a close-up.

Eutrochium, nee Eupatorium

Speaking of tall things, here’s Joe Pye as I stand looking up at him, silhouetted against blue sky.

Helenium maximilianii

…and a similar shot of Helenium maximilianii.

Chasmantium latiforium

Chasmantium latiforium or ‘Northern Sea Oats’

Lecesteria formosa

Lecesteria formosa

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Oxydendrum arboreum

Oxydendrum arboreum, or Sourwood, or Lily-of-the-Valley tree (you can see why).

Anemone, Solidago, Lonicera

Lots of material out there for bouquets…here Anemone ‘Honorine de Jobert’ stakes out the high ground, with a supporting cast of Solidago ‘Fireworks’ and Lonicera nitida ‘Baggsen’s Gold’.

Stchys ‘Helen Von Stein’ & Caluna vulgaris ‘?’

The silver and black theme was lifted from Loree here, and carried out using Lamb’s Ears, Stachys ‘Helen Von Stein’ as a base with sprigs of Calluna vulgaris adding just a hint of color.

Thanks, as always, go to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for dreaming up Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

7 thoughts on “September GBBD

  1. The blooms have much to say this month! I pulled up my gaura yesterday. Like yours, it was munched earlier in the season, though mine was by gophers that left about two inches of root. Glad to see that yours pulled through so well. Gosh, I swear I used to have the same vase as in the last one you show–(Nice arrangement BTW!) It’s such a great shape. Happy Bloomday!

  2. Brook~We miss you too.

    Alison~We seem to have more than just RED in common.

    James~Gosh, yourself…I think if R solves the gopher problem, we’ll be on easy street. I’ll be sure to let you in on any breakthroughs.

    Janet~I have failed with a few fuchsias. You might try ‘Golden Gate’.

    Loree~Knew I could count on you to appreciate the black & silver combo.

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