Jockey Hill has a sale

all this for $14?

When Michelle does something, she does it in a big way. I know it’s hard to believe, but I came home with this haul for a whopping $14. Starting with the Hibiscus m ‘Plum Crazy’ on the left and moving counterclockwise, they are: a mystery plant I forgot to write down (Mayhew, a fruiting hawthorne with yummy berries…thanks Michelle), Rogersia ‘Bronze Peacock’, Tricyrtis hirta, Kniphofia multiflora, Crocosmia ‘Emily Mckenzie’, Eryngium ‘Jade Frost’, Ceanothus ‘Diamond Heights’, Callistemon sieberi syninym C pityoides, two little sedums and Grevilla ‘Audrey’.

Michelle with customers

That’s Michelle, on the right, deep in conversation, as she usually is, with customers. She is a plant person, and happy to share biographies and profiles of everything she grows.


Getting it all to the car is a snap with the help of a strong man and a gator.

Jockey Hill Nursery

Here’s a shot of the nursery (well, part of it), followed by a few scenes around the place.

tree-lined road

Heptacodium myconoides

plow disc sculpture

entry garden



Now, in case you live in the Portland area, and are beginning to get little annoyed with me for telling you all this after the fact…here’s the good part. She’s doing it again this Friday. Nestled in the hills above Highway 30, Jockey Hill is easy to find. Almost to Scappoose, there is a Shell station on the right. If you turned right you would end up at Mark’s on the Water. Instead, you will turn left and follow the signs to the sale. Michelle will also have plants at the final Scappoose Farmers’ Market on Saturday.

13 thoughts on “Jockey Hill has a sale

  1. Alison~Those are two that I have failed with in the past, but I’ve had really good luck with everything from Michelle, so fingers crossed.

    Shirley~Just like I soak up the enjoyment of your plants that are impossible to grow here.

    Jane~All things are possible for the intrepid plant nerd.

    Peter~Peter~No, but special arrangements can be made if you let me know when you are coming…maybe squeeze in a cup of tea or glass of wine on our deck. That’s a lot of nursery visiting. You will need refreshment.

  2. Loree~Michelle may contribute some plants to our swap, so all is not lost.

    Janet~I had been planning on ‘Chocolate Wings’, but this one is supposed to be even darker.

  3. I’ve never heard of Jockey Hill. I surmise there is a story to go with that name.

    Your loot looks great. So, will you be going back this Friday to see all the people you coaxed into going from this post? 🙂

  4. Grace~Not surprising…it is wholesale only, except under special circumstances.
    Nope, I’m waiting until after the bloggers’ swap to add any new plants. So many sales and swaps going on, it’s hard to know when to quit. Wish you lived closer.

  5. I love nurseries that spread out into the landscape around them and let you see what their plants will be like when mature. Too many of ours are basically glorified parking lots with plants arranged on the tarmac. It’s so hard to get excited about plants in nurseries of the second sort. Jockey Hill looks like a great place.

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