short but sweet bloom day

Aloe ‘Carmine’

The only blooming thing around here is this Aloe ‘Carmine’. It is indoors. Everything out of doors is frozen stiff. I am sure if you visit May Dreams Gardens there will be links to more blooms, especially in sunnier climes. In the meantime, I will dream of spring and be satisfied with my lone bloom for now.

12 thoughts on “short but sweet bloom day

  1. Mark and Gaz~Thanks…pretty much anything is welcome this time of year.

    Linda~I admire you for doing the due diligence to make a change. I am long overdue. Could you add name/url to your profile preferences so I can leave comments?

  2. Aloe there! It’s good to see this plant is happy enough to bloom inside, and the orangey flowers are definitely welcome this time of year! Happy GBBD!

  3. James~Alloe yerself. This sturdy fellow usually blooms once indoors and again outdoors mid-summer…plus having given birth to several pups: it’s a keeper.

    Loree~Somewhere on the road to plant snobbery I seem to have jettisoned pansies.

    Janet~Yes, it definitely gets my juices flowing.

    Linda~Oh goody, I value our back and forth.

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