foliage follow-up, January edition

foliage replaces flowers

This area outside the nearest New Seasons market is usually ablaze with blossoms, as you can tell by the banner above. With the cold snap, all of the flowers have been moved inside, replaced by the hardier stuff of foliage plants and bundles of colorful twigs.

grasses an heucheras

Hanging baskets feature grasses and Heucheras, a look that is much more appealing to me than summer’s petunias and such.

evergreens and hellebores

With the exception of a few Hellebores at the far end of this display, we look to foliage here to satisfy the desire for something to bring home to brighten our days.

indoor display of succulents and air plants

Step inside to see a display of succulents, cacti and air plants.

tiny pots of succulents

I can never walk by a collection like this without making a purchase…and at $1.99 each, why not? R looked at my choice of plant and expressed the opinion that it looks just like all the others I have at home. You, dear reader, know different, right? The more we look, the more we see. If you find yourself wanting to see more foliage fabulousness, go directly to Digging to see what Pam has in store for you this month for Foliage Followup.

17 thoughts on “foliage follow-up, January edition

  1. This post makes me happy because Heuchera in hanging baskets might just work for me because even in deep shade they don’t survive planted out in my garden.

    Of course we know each of those plants is entirely different from another.

  2. Love your concluding paragraph — yes, the more we see. The beauty of gardening and of reading about others’ gardens! That market looks fantastic with their beautiful plant displays.

  3. Yep, Andrew too. I bring home an agave and he says “we already have 3 like that”…of course he is mistaken.

    I can never pass up the $1.99 succulents, a cut stem, or Tillandsia without picking up something, glad to hear I’m not alone.

  4. Shirley~Yes, I thought the hanging baskets with heychera were a revelation too.

    Alison~Always room somewhere to tuck in one of those little guys.

    Linda~West Elm is always a good idea place.

    Mark and Gaz~And you would BOTH understand!

    Pam & Janet~It’s definitely a favorite haunt any time of year.

    Scott~We must be strong in the face of opposition.

    Loree~Never alone, dear girl/

  5. Angie~I’m going to do it with Heuchera ‘Sashay’, as having it overhead would reveal the ruby undersides of the ruffled leaves. I hope you will show us your succulent creation.

  6. Love the scarlet twigs. There’s a native dogwood here that does that, a plant I’ve been tempted by. There’s lots of plant parts other than flowers that are so wonderful. Really, I hardly miss the flowers this time of year.

  7. James~Yes, I have no trouble putting together bouquets with what’s out there. I do wish the deer didn’t take such a liking to red twig dogwood…but those twigs look like they’re from something larger, so maybe there’s hope.

  8. Hi! I agree, the more we look the more we see and you can never have too much beautiful healthy foliage around during the winter! I have to have all the foliage in the form of house plants and succulents as it is so cold here. I may just have to swing by a local nursery or Whole Foods and look for a succulent or two!

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