a couple of little parks

near the convention center

I may have to take a closer look at this little park when I go to the Yard, Garden & Patio Show this weekend. It’s near the convention center, covering one block. I love the large cement orbs and the serenity this space brings to a hectic, high-traffic part of the city. By the way, I will be in the HPSO booth Friday evening, so if you happen to be at the show in the 4:45-7:30 time slot, stop by to say “Howdy”, won’t you?

NW park 27th & Upshur

I lived in NW for many years, but this little park escaped my attention. Those low walls surrounding the plaza would be a perfect perch for brown bagging it.

closer look at the sculpture

Here’s a closer look at the whimsical sculpture that anchors the plaza. I’m delighted by these little surprise parks tucked here and there around the city. I’ll share whenever I find a new one…hope you will too.

11 thoughts on “a couple of little parks

  1. Mark and Gaz~Always fun to see what jumps out at different bloggers at these things.

    Alison~I found that park some time ago, and didn’t take any notes. y best guess is that it is a cross between the helmet from a suit of armor and a fish. I’ll revisit the park someday soon and double check.

  2. You are such a good HPSO volunteer! I’d like to think I’ll be dropping by to say hi (and of course compare notes on the show)…but I might be rushing home about then to let out a little dog that’s been crossing her legs for hours…

  3. Beautiful shots of the little park! I wonder how old it is. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it. Your photos captured a nice winter day in PDX so well! Are you going to the Seattle show too?

  4. Loree~I plan to go to the Dan Hinkley talk earlier…maybe see you there?

    Fiji girl~No Seattle show for me…I’ll just have to soak up more of the local one.

  5. I’m very tempted to go to the Portland show; your speaker line up looks wonderful! Unfortunately, I’ll be doing boring stuff this weekend. Have fun! Look forward hearing to your impressions of the show and seeing how full your car is when you leave.

  6. I fancy myself fairly well versed in our Portland parks, but I confess I don’t know either of these. The sculpture on the plinth reminds me of the lovely bronze (fish?) atop a house on Corbett, near the former Contemporary Crafts Gallery – do you know the one I mean? I’m unlikely to be at the show during your HPSO stint but I will see you at the Dan Hinkley seminar!

  7. Peter & Grace~I’m just about to sort through my pics of the show to see if the new camera makes a difference. You are both close enough to come one of these years…wouldn’t that be fun!

    Jane~I do remember that sculpture, Corbett St being one of my old haunts. It was nice to run into you at the show.

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