some observations

cherry blossoms

The cherry trees are blooming, but not the great white cloud of years past.

lichen and moss on cherry trees

The trees are covered with lichen and moss. I wonder if that has anything to do with the sparse bloom. Of course the rain could also be the culprit. Any theories?

Euphorbia wulfenii after the rain

The rain has certainly taken its toll on Euphorbia wulfenii. When it stands up straight it reaches our second story, and is magnificent. Here, it’s been beaten down to the ground. Ah, well..we takes our chances with this one, but it’s well worth the gamble when things go right.

Anemone blanda ‘Alba’

I planted lots of white anemones, but the heathers have overtaken most of them. Time to order lots more.

fuchsia ‘Golden Gate’

Last year the Fuchsia ‘Golden Gate’ went wild and grew clear to the top of the deck roof. Usually, it dies back and/or it gets cut back to the ground. Not this year! It’s leafing out already and I am tempted to give it free rein and see what happens. Do you think I’d be creating a monster?

Saxifraga dentata

I’m crazy about the sawtoothed leaves of the Saxifraga dentata I got from Loree at the last plant swap. I left this much of the clump intact, to be on the safe side, but what I really wanted to do was spread it around as a ground cover.

Saxifraga dentata divided

Success! Here are the starts I separated from the main clump last fall. Looks like I’m good to go.

Mahonia ‘King’s Ransom’

I have a big patch of Mahonia ‘King’s Ransom’. It flowers nicely, but the foliage is rather diseased looking and the plants are leggy. Right after the flowers fade, I am going to cut it back hard. If it doesn’t behave itself next year, it’s coming out (sometimes these threats are just what’s needed).


Another disappointment is this Hellebore, always looking down demurely, afraid to show her face. She would be just right for a terraced garden, where one could catch her off guard by looking up. Anyone out there ready to give her those conditions?

9 thoughts on “some observations

  1. Oh Ricki, I thik that your monster fuchsia will be fabulous! Hellebores that play the coy game deserve to be put in terraced gardens where passersby can brazenly look up their skirts! Sorry about your euphorbia being beaten down by the weather. Mine, athough smaller than yours, have also decided to lay down on the job.

  2. Last year was my year for floppy Euphorbia, this year they are actually upright.

    I’m so glad the Saxifraga is doing good things for you. I moved most of mine late last spring and they’re pouting, otherwise I’d bring more to the next swap.

  3. Linda~I order only the white ones, though the blue is nice too.

    Peter~Just the encouragement I needed to give the fuchsia it’s head.

    Loree~I think I can safely divide the main clump and spread it around, tho I may wait until fall, since that may have contributed to their success.

    Scott~The Wulff is a bit temperamental, like most show-offs.

    Mark & Gaz~And the Saxifrage blooms cunningly, to boot.

    Angie~Rain…a mixed blessing, for sure.

  4. I love that you’re threatening your mahonia – it’s worth a try, although I can say mine doesn’t seem to listen. I got some of that same saxifrage, and it’s very happy. Now I know I can divide it.

  5. I am glad to read that you will cut the Mahonia back hard…the deer ate mine (Soft Caress) to a nub. Crossing my fingers that they will come back.
    We had a hard rain while I was in town at the library, I looked outside and thought it was hail….turned out to be all the blossom petals from the Cherry tree by the door.

  6. Jane~Threats worked on the magnolia…but the mahonia may be more headstrong. We shall see.

    Janet~Sometimes the deer do what I am too timid to do, and it usually works out for the best.

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