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Linda’s house

Driving around her neighborhood, it wasn’t hard to spot Linda’s house, set back from the street and surrounded by horticultural wonders. We Portland area bloggers have taken to getting together in the spring and fall to swap plants and tall tales and, in this case, partake of some lovely home baked cakes.

the Washington crowd

Some of us are into the second year of doing this. Once the word got out, others joined in. In fact, Alison and Peter (in the middle of the above photo) even came all the way from the Tacoma area. Jenni, shown on the far right, did a fine post with links to the blogs of everyone who participated, so I will just give you a little tour of Linda’s garden.

outside the fence

Outside the fence, there’s plenty of “curb appeal” to tip you off that something wonderful is going on inside.

lawn and border

The large front yard is dominated by a patch of lawn surrounded by borders filled by interesting plants


a sweeping drive surrounded by more of the same (plants, plants and more plants)

corner bed

A large corner bed

dramatic front entry with Euphorbia wulfenii

and a dramatic front entry flanked by Euphorbia wulfenii in all its glory.

Eryngium agavifolium

I couldn’t resist pointing my camera at a few of the plants. This one is, I think, Eryngium agavifolium (Linda has a way with Eryngiums that leaves me green with you-know-what)/

Alchemilla mollis

Alchemilla mollis was earning its keep by capturing water droplets.


Love the color of this Primula

mystery plant

I’m hoping Linda will enlighten me as to the identity of this plant with the interesting foliage. (Linda came through…it’s celadine poppy from Joy Creek).


Ditto this one (some sort of Artemesia?) Yes, A. ‘Valerie Finnis’…thanks, Scott!

back yard pond

Moving around to the back garden, the first area offers seating around a small pond.

Acacia provissima

In the middle of the back garden, dividing it into two separate rooms, is this magnificent Acacia provissima, an inspiration to all of us who have tried, and failed, to bring one to maturity.

Cordyline centerpiece

On the other side of the Acacia, another zone-pusher holds court.

bamboo along fence

With bamboo growing along the fence line, a feeling of complete privacy is achieved, while still borrowing from towering trees in the surrounding neighborhood.

tub with tulips

Little vignettes are around every turn.

blue pot

And I’ll leave you with that parting shot, and thanks to Linda for hosting another great get-together. Thanks, too, to all who came, bearing interesting plants, entertaining stories and the good humor we gardeners are making famous. I loved seeing friends and making new ones. It’s amazing how quickly bonds form in this little sub-culture. Next time, I’ll show you what came home with me.

15 thoughts on “bloggers meet up

  1. I’m still jealous of all that space, Ricki…and the back yard is such a nice oasis, isn’t it! I think the Artemisia is ‘Valerie Finnis’, I’ve wanted to try it for years, but I have horrid luck with Artemisias (thanks, clay soil)!

  2. Fabulous photos! I’m so glad you were on the ball and documented Linda’s wonderful garden, I didn’t even think to pull out my camera until I got home. Scott is right about the Artemisia, I fell in love with it and still trying to come up with a place in my garden for one. Oh and that Acacia…WOW…

  3. Scott~Thanks for the ID. Do I see a bit of container gardening in your future?

    Loree~We can usually count on Scott. Oh, and wasn’t a black/silver combo in your plans? That Artemesia would surely fill the bill.

    Alison~I think it’s a Cordyline, but I wasn’t sure enough to say so. We were all thrilled to meet you and Peter in the flesh.

    Patricia~You were missed!

    Mark & Gaz~I guess it’s a little far for you?

  4. I’m ” We’ll chuffed” Ricki ! I must have been too busy plying everyone with wine and cake , I didn’t notice you snapping away !
    Yes, it is Valerie Finnis’ and the other one is a celadine poppy , from Joy Creek Nursery !
    Lovely posts from both you and Jenni !

  5. Linda, I’m stealing this ‘well chuffed’ saying. I love it! Great shots of the garden Ricki! It was so nice to meet you in person. I’m really enamored with the celadine poppy. Clearly, a trip to Joy Creek Nursery is in my future! Cheers, Jenni

  6. Janet~It’s great fun to meet up with people who have already become fast friends online. The reverse is also true, with people showing up that I’d not yet discovered. It’s all good.

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