focus on foliage…yes, even in May

path at Joy Creek

And even at Joy Creek, where the explosion of blooms is darn near overwhelming. You can point a camera in some directions and be greeted by a tapestry of greens like those surrounding this pathway.

Arisaema urashima

Or you can train your sights on a single leaf like this Arisaema urashima, shading its dark, hooded cobra-like flower.

Podophyllum pleauntum

The mayapple, Podophyllum pleauthum uses its giant keaves to shield the blossoms so well that you have to get down and look under to see them.

NOID leaves

Still at Joy Creek, I was attracted to these mounds of foliage, but could find no marker. So, all you Sherlocks out there: any ideas? This just in: Peter steered me to Acanthus balcanicus, which I think is the right answer.

R. edgeworthia ‘Bodnant’

Another puzzlement arose at the Rhododendron garden, where the sign read edgeworthia ‘Bodnant’, but these handsome crinkly leaves bore all the earmarks of a Rhody, including lovely, thick endumentum. I think they must have neglected to start the label with “R.”. Peter to the rescue yet again: it is indeed R. edgeworthia ‘Bodnant’.

fern and hosta

The combination of ferns and hostas worked perfectly in a woodland setting with filtered light.

I saved out some of my favorite foliage shots from other posts to feature in Foliage Follow up, hosted, as always, by the incomparable Pam Pennick at Digging. You won’t go wrong by heading over there to see and be directed to more fab foliage.

10 thoughts on “focus on foliage…yes, even in May

  1. Joy Creek looks amazing, with the many colors and variety of foliage. Those of you in the PNW certainly have an edge when in comes to foliage displays.

  2. Shirley~Don’t forget how envious we are of some of the things you grow.

    Jenni~I am definitely going to try to recreate that one.

    Scott~Did you notice that Anna K says her Alliums seed around? We should be so lucky. But I just left you a comment that the drumsticks and Siculum bulgaricum (used to be called an Allium) come back year after year.

  3. Could your mystery foliage monds be Glaucium flavum? If not blue enough and larger, they could be Acanthus balcanicus. I’m thinking that your other mystery plant is indeed Rhododendron edgeworthii ‘Bodnant’ Great foliage images! Love the hosta/fern combo!

  4. Mark & Gaz~Yes, that last one seems to be the “money shot” (ha ha, only in a manner of speaking).

    Peter~I was getting a sort of Acanthus-y feeling, and looking up A. balcanicus, the foliage looks just right. These were in pretty deep shade, so maybe that’s why there were no flower spikes yet. I like that Glaucium flavum a lot. Oh no! The list grows longer. It looks like it wants full sun. Thanks for coming to my rescue yet again with plant ID’s.

  5. Anna~I love the creepy stuff in the garden; in movies, not so much.

    Alison~The light was just right that day, though I overheard complaints that it was too overcast to get good shots.

  6. I hope to visit Joy Creek one of these days. It’s nice to see the foliage is as gorgeous as the flowers there. I especially like your last image — a classic with fern and hosta.

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