ANLD sneak peek

Those of us participating in the ANLD garden tour this coming weekend had an opportunity to see the gardens the other day. Cameras were snapping. Mine captured the following pictures, which I will run with no comment, just to whet your appetite.












4 thoughts on “ANLD sneak peek

  1. Loree,
    I will be in the Lynde-Lyons Garden on NE 35th Ave. Please make yourself known to me so we can get to know each other. I tried leaving a comment on your great site, but apparently it didn’t take.

  2. I’m sorry Ricki that your comment didn’t show, I wonder why. You did comment back on the 16th and that comment showed up. There is a delay because I have it set so I “approve” comments before they show. Before I did it that way I had a spam comment from some guy selling tennis shoes and another that used every swear word in the book…even the ones I don’t use! (hehehe), thanks for visiting and please let me know if you ever try to comment again and it doesn’t take. OK – I will make note of what house you are at, fun! I hope it doesn’t rain…

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