Echeveria ‘Haagal’

Echeveria ‘Haagal’

Is it cheating to choose a weekly favorite that is in a pot rather than in the ground? If so, I plead guilty with the choice of Echeveria ‘Haagal’.

flowering Echeveria ‘Haagal’

I purchased mine from Xera when they first opened, attracted to the plump foliage. The color of said foliage is described differently in each source I referenced. That should give you some idea of the ambiguity of the coloration, which I find to be a good part of its charm. It surprised me by sending out flowering stalks that have been producing blooms for a month and a half, with no sign of slowing down. The star-shaped blossoms are the color of orange sherbet.

succulent pot

It was precisely the element needed to complete this pot with the Kalanchloe orgyatum in the back right corner, Crassula ‘Campfire’ in front of that and a few burro’s tails cascading over the edges. There are a couple of Gasterias in there too, but they are so slow growing and unassuming that they virtually disappear.

Cold hardy to 15 degrees, it would not take kindly to winter wet, so mine is coming inside for the winter. It would probably be fine in a protected outdoor area. It is listed on Plant Lust with a description from Xera.

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11 thoughts on “Echeveria ‘Haagal’

  1. Funny I was just at Xera yesterday admiring their blooming Echeveria ‘Haagal’…I probably would have succumbed to their charms if not for the drastic turn in the weather predicted for today. I’m trying (and failing) to wrap my head around the idea I need to start bringing things indoors…

  2. Alison~I suppose we will have to resort to potted plants more and more as fall marches into winter.

    Mark & Gaz~Thanks!

    Hannah~I thought so too.

    Loree~That bringing inside project looms large, doesn’t it? I usually don’t start thinking about it until well into October.

    Grace~They’re coming, I’m sure.

    Jenni~The wallet may shrink, but the enjoyment more than makes up for it.

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