the last act?

Verbena bonariensis

A few things, like Verbena bonariensis, hang on tenaciously. I keep cutting back spent stalks to prevent being overrun by seedlings in the spring, but new flowering stems quickly replace them.


Primroses bloom, off and on, year-round. The taller stems on this and the next, from Linda, keep the blossoms from getting tattered and waterlogged.


Fragraria ‘Lipstick’

I would never wear ‘Lipstick’ this color, but it looks good on the ground cover Fragraria.

Prunella vulgaris

The greensward that surrounds our house is a sorry excuse for a lawn, but large sections of it are being overtaken by natives such as this Prunella vulgaris. More power to it, say I.

Panicum ‘Heavy Metal’

Some of the grasses have been flowering for a long time, but Panicum virgatum ‘Heavy Metal’ is just coming on. It looks a bit more like its name earlier on, when the leaves are a steely deep blue, but the sparkly effect of the flower heads is not to be missed.

Panicum ‘Shenandoah’

Panicum ‘Shenandoah’ especially benefits from the dark background of the evergreens when the light hits it.

Panicum virgatum ‘Rotestrahlbusch’

I may be mistaken in my ID of this grass as Panicum virgatum ‘Rotestrahlbusch’, but whatever its name, the way the foliage catches the light rivals the flowers. Corrections in nomenclature welcomed (Scott says it is a Miscanthus)

Kniphofia multiflora

Once again, the Kniphofia multiflora is racing against the weather to bring forth a flowering stalk. I quite like it at this stage, so whatever happens from here on out is OK with me.

While some gardens are dwindling, somewhere in the world they are just coming on: reason enough to follow Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day.

8 thoughts on “the last act?

  1. Don’t you love the tenacious nature of these late-bloomers! I adore the blooms on the Panicums…they are so lovely…such wonderful, airy texture and color. I believe the mystery grass is a Miscanthus of some sort…not sure which one.

  2. Angie~Probably several weeks left, but important to enjoy it while it lasts…you never know.

    Linda~They surprised me. Thanks again!

    Scott~Aha! A Miscanthus…and if you can’t pin it down any further than that, I’ll just call him Spike.

  3. My ‘Shenandoah’ looks equally enchanting. I love that grass. I will have to look at “greensward” with your eyes and just concede to the Prunella. Don’t you love this weather? I’m in love!

  4. Nice selection Ricki, and those grasses are really looking, at their element at this time of the year. We really must introduce Verbena bonariensis in the garden again, love the structure and airy look they imbibe.

  5. Grace~Yep, these beautiful days must have all gardeners aswoon.

    Peter~Nice piece of wordplay…thanks!

    Mark & Gaz~I thought once you had V. bonariensis it was yours forever…what happened? More and more grasses are stealthily creeping into my garden.

    Heather~And a Happy gbbd to you as well.

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