july bloom day

This year is a head-scratcher. Some things are early, some are late. Whatever. Plenty in bloom, so come with me:


The day lilies are in full stride. This one came as a reward for volunteering at the HPSO plant sale.


And the plain old orange variety has as much charm as the fancy hybrids.


I took any number of shots of Verbena bonariensis, and this is as close as I got to capturing the see-through quality that makes it welcome as it seeds itself all over the place.


Borage is another prolific self-seeder. It has a cucumber-y flavor and pretty pale blue flowers, so I will just try to keep ahead of it and hope for the best.


The Hydrangeas are coming on. This one is ‘Preziosa’.


This sedum has lovely bronze foliage, now completely obscured by the flush of almost-red blossom. Can you see the eggplant developing on the plant in front?


Another sedum dressed in pink.


Rosa ‘Dortmund’ is finally making her presence known climbing up a fence post. The deer can no longer keep up with her…or maybe they have lost interest.


The Calmagrottis at the pond’s edge captures the light.


Wild field daisies crop up wherever allowed.


I thought Bloom Day might get a little boring, with the same things blooming year after year. Just as if to prove me wrong, this butterfly found the lavender walk irresistible and spent a good part of a morning working it over. To see what is blooming all over the world, go to my blogroll and click on May Dreams Gardens.

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