Juniperus recurva butanica

Juniperus recurva butanica

Planted in 2010, Juniperus recurva butanica is the anchor plant and inspiration for R’s ‘bed of sorrow’, which sports several weeping forms of various trees. I just happened to be out there when the sun was highlighting it, making it my favorite plant this week.

J. recurva butanica branches

In the denser portions, the branches fall in irridescent curtains.

J.recurva butanica top

Topside, it thins out, giving it a lopsided pyramidal profile.


I didn’t get a good shot of it, but at ground level it drapes over the stones forming this raised bed, reminding me of the gowns stars struggle to walk in at the Oscars. Plant Lust can tell you the basic requirements for growing this, but they do not list sources. We got ours from Portland Nursery. It was a good sized specimen to start, and has almost doubled in size in four years. Want to find some others’ faves? Hop on over to Danger Garden. Loree started this whole thing, you know.

6 thoughts on “Juniperus recurva butanica

  1. Love both the plant and your Bed of Sorrow idea!

    Weep you no more, sad fountains;
    What need you flow so fast?
    Look how the snowy mountains
    Heaven’s sun doth gently waste.
    But my sun’s heavenly eyes
    View not your weeping,
    That now lies sleeping
    Softly, now softly lies

  2. I am offering up huge apologies to R, huge. There is no rhyme or reason to how my brain works. You mentioned a name when you linked to this post on my blog. I suppose that was in the back of my mind when I opened this and saw the first image. The first thing that came to mind? Witchiepoo. Yes. Do you remember HR puffinstuff (? Spelling?) Witchiepoo was a character on that show. She sung oranges poranges. I will forever think of your Juniperus recurva butanica as Witchiepoo.

  3. Witchiepoo and the Bed of Sorrow is a book I would read, should you ever decide to get into the children’s lit game.

    In all seriousness though, that’s a gorgeous specimen.

  4. Peter~Hanging out with the literati reaps huge rewards. Thanks for gracing this space with that lovely poem. From whence do it cometh? (or maybe that should be ‘from whence doth it come?’) I’m pretty sure I don’t rate poetic license.

    Loree~I loved that show! No apologies needed…ever. Witchiepoo it is.

    Angie~Only too happy to oblige.

    Heather~Witchiepoo and the Bed of Sorrow: hmmm, I just might need to get on that. One reader guaranteed is a commitment too good to ignore.

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