new New Seasons on Williams Avenue

new seasons metal trees

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the opening of the New Seasons on Williams because it is right on my way to Ristretto’s cafe in that neighborhood. It outdid my expectations, with these sculptural trees marching down the side facing Vancouver Ave.

new seasons trellises

Metal mesh panels are bolted to the wall behind the trees to support climbing vines. I like this idea, though I’m not sure the trees will stand out as much once the vines fill in to cover the mesh.

New Seasons real trees

All is not fantasy on this site. Plenty of real, living trees have been incorporated into the landscape design.


Unlike so many commercial projects, a nice variety of trees has been introduced.

grassy strips between parking

Instead of pulling up to the nose of another car, the parking areas are divided by these grassy raised beds.

NS entrance

A nice selection of seasonal plants greets you at the entrance.

plants for urban gardeners

Plants for urban gardeners line the walls near the entrance.

NS cut flowers

Right outside the doors are banks of cut flowers. Step through and find succulents and house plants. They have even begun labeling their succulents with correct botanical names. Isn’t it nice to know that someone is listening to our concerns? All New Seasons stores offer a pleasant shopping experience, but this one has special appeal for we who call ourselves gardeners.

9 thoughts on “new New Seasons on Williams Avenue

  1. Oh, I like the idea of having the green, growing plants as dividers in the parking lot! I’d sure like to see more of that around the country! Looks like a great place to shop. I’m wondering if those orange and green metal sculptures are supposed to represent partially uprooted carrots? Interesting idea.

  2. Grace ~You are in the majority, seeing them as carrots. I guess I’m just not that into the food part of gardening.

    PP~These guys are onto something. See above re. the carrot thing.

  3. Lee~It’s especially nice when coming from a grocery store.

    Diana~Power of suggestion? That’s how it worked for me.

    Julie~Of course you do, tree lady.

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