Sequoia sempervirens procumbens, this week’s fave

Sequoia sempervirens procumbens

I fell in love with this plant when I saw it in Darcy Daniels’ garden. I had a small urban garden at the time, so Amy warned me off, saying it would reach monstrous proportions. Now that I live where such considerations are moot, I couldn’t wait to indulge myself.


It forms a dense mat and I have visions of it sprawling far and wide. Much to my surprise, I’ve seen it reaching for the sky instead, most notably in Julie’s Portland Tree Tour blog, here. She refers to it as a broad leaved evergreen and backs that claim with some swell close-ups. Mine is starting to send up leaders, but I’m told that if I cut those out, it will continue to sprawl and spread along the ground. We already have plenty of vertical elements in the “Berm of Sorrow”, so that is what I will do.


Pay no attention to the molehills in the distance. Those are my least favorite feature in the garden right now. You can visit Loree here to see her fave and the faves of her fans in her comments. Join in, won’t you?

9 thoughts on “Sequoia sempervirens procumbens, this week’s fave

  1. I didn’t even notice the mole hills until you pointed them out. Silly girl. I concur. They’re the least favorite thing about my garden too. However, I’ve heard it said that if you’ve got moles, it means you’ve got good soil because the moles eat earthworms and we know earthworms wouldn’t be caught dead in bad soil. So see, there is a silver lining. 😀

    What a great looking plant. I wouldn’t mind growing it myself. I bet the deer don’t like it, do they?

  2. Grace~I love your sunny attitude, with a new reason to praise the moles. I scoop up all that fluffy dirt to use in new beds.

    Laura~You are entirely welcome.

    Linda~Mine too!

    Tatyana~I’m sure it will come up again from time to time.

    Loree~Thanks…I try not to let those sunny moments go to waste.

  3. Just the name Sequoia brings up quite an image, it would be interesting to see how this looks in a few years. I’ve noticed some moles have been quite active in my yard too, and last year was a nightmare. I have a technique for discouraging them, I put rotten meat in the top of the hole after removing the mound, and cover. When they come up right by a plant it really drives me crazy, I stick wire plant markers all around the poor plant.

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