a visit to Drake’s 7 Dees

Anna Kulgren

My blogging buddy Anna has introduced me to the charming garden store where she now works. Let me direct your attention to the color of her sweater.

Anna’s signature color

As you can see, Anna is already making her presence known with the repainting of this wall in her signature color.

background color

Almost anything looks great against a background of this muted, sophisticated purple.

blue pots

A collection of blue pots sets off fiery stems and blue-green spiky plants to perfection. I wanted to bring the whole display home with me (sadly, not in the budget).

red pots

This table top featured red pots…equally enticing.

early season plants

It’s still early in the season, but already the yard is filling up with interesting plants.

in the greenhouse

Let’s move indoors. On this rainy day, the sound of the rain on the glass made shelter feel all the cozier. What a delightful space.

indoor vignette

Engaging all the senses, there were arrangements of plants and decorative items on all sides.


the staff

These are the folks who make it all happen, and you won’t find a friendlier bunch anywhere.

Blue Atlas Cedar

This mature specimen of weeping Blue Atlas Cedar drapes over the fence near the parking area. I consider this emerging garden center a real find. To find it yourself, go to 5645 SW Scholls Ferry Road, Portland OR 97225. If you are coming from Portland, it is just past Six Corners, where there is a New Seasons Market, or call 503 292 9121 for directions.

7 thoughts on “a visit to Drake’s 7 Dees

  1. I loved looking around when I went for Sarah Miller’s talk on mason bees. Isn’t Anna doing a great job of creating interest? And the rest of the crew is cool, too. Just sorry I had to miss your book talk!

  2. For some reason I though it was still in east Portland. Looks like a wonderful nursery. I am sure your book reading was wonderful too. I wish I could have been there, darn it.

    The purple building is way cool. I also love the shade of green inside the greenhouse. And the plants look great.

  3. Jane~Anna is a pistol, for sure.

    Grace~East side, west side, all around the town…you really do need to have a Portland adventure one of these days. It would be so great to meet you in person.

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