Belated Bloom Day

viola odorata, purple

Running late, because WordPress was protecting me from unknown threats. That’s OK because it freed up my weekend to get out there and start weeding. I have several patches of these wonderfully fragrant violets.

white violets

The purple ones are on purpose, but white ones, equally fragrant, carpet several areas of their own accord. They make sweet little bouquets to bring that heavenly scent indoors.

Narcissus ‘Tete a tete’

The first daffys to put in an appearance are the diminutive ‘Tete a tete’.

pussy willows

I’m cheating here, because they have already gone over and are covered in pollen (achoo), but I was thrilled to have a few pussy willows for the first time this year.

hazel catkins

Another sneeze producer, the catkins of hazel and alder create a scrim at the edge of our property.

snow drops

The snow drops have been going strong for a couple of months, but still sport a few photogenic blooms.


I don’t share the widespread enthusiasm for Hellebores, but they are said to work well as an underplanting with Rhodys so I guess I’ll try it.


Most of what is blooming now is at ground level. Forsythia is an exception.


You have to look closely to even see the diminutive blossoms on the native huckleberry. I have high hopes that they will result in berries. Dare I hope for enough for a pie? May Dreams Gardens is the place to catch up on what’s blooming in others’ gardens.

7 thoughts on “Belated Bloom Day

  1. All of your blooms are lovely! Your violets are blooming…I’m going to have to go scold mine. I hope to add some native huckleberry to my garden this year. Any advice?

  2. Yes, I have some of those Tete-a-tete Daffodils, too. Love ’em! Mine are under ice right now, but once that melts, I’m sure they’ll be emerging pretty fast. Your other blooms are lovely, too. I think part of the allure with Hellebores is location–in the right spot, they’re so … perfect. And some of the Hybrids are very pretty. But, we all have preferences, for sure. 🙂

  3. Laura~My only advice is patience…or else buy large specimens.

    Janet~I know. That scent really takes you back, doesn’t it?

    Beth~I wouldn’t be the first time I learned to eat crow.

    Loree~It’s doing it again, just as the sun came out. What’s going on here?

  4. Your violets are gorgeous! There are some volunteers in my lawn that I hope will proliferate and maybe even take over. Love the moss covered tree trunk/roots where your Tete-a-tete’s are planted!

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