favorite – for now – moss


The damp days of spring shine a spotlight on moss. Leave a rock in our garden for any length of time and it will take on a lush patina of the stuff.


Shady spots become densely carpeted.


Color and texture varies, keeping things interesting.

Irish moss

As if nature hasn’t contributed enough, I have introduced plugs of Irish moss here and there.


This is just its presence in the garden proper. In the deep woods it hangs from branches, engulfs the snags of fallen trees and knits everything together in a tapestry of green. I fail to see why so many are bent on eliminating moss. It is always welcome here. See what others are loving this week by visiting Danger Garden, and why not join in with your own favorite?

12 thoughts on “favorite – for now – moss

  1. As we were out last weekend researching the routes for the garden bloggers fling I was struck time and time again by the beautiful moss on the tres, rocks, soil, everywhere! I wish those visiting in July would be able to see it too.

  2. Tamara~I feel kinda silly when I buy it, but silliness loves company.

    Shirley~Visit us in the spring and you will see plenty.

    Grace~Thanks. Just one of the areas where we luck out living here.

    Alison~Yes…weeding. That is a drawback, for sure.

    Loree~If there are any gardens in deep shade, we might get lucky.

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  4. I love moss and wish ours didn’t die in the summer. I had some very small but wonderful patches of moss that were destroyed this week when our patio was repaired but they’ll eventually grow back. I still have some in my rain garden so all is not lost. Just love all the photos in this post. :o) So green and inviting!

  5. Casa~I hve some spots where it thrives all summer, but as for the rest…I welcome something that is at its best when everything else is hibernating.

    Sarah~Volunteers of all kinds are always the best performers here too.

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