lilac, an old fashioned favorite


One of the very few things that was here when we moved in was a lilac by the corner of Richard’s studio.

Syringa vulgaris

It is the old fashioned kind and blooms in, well, lilac. I once questioned a vendor at a farmers’ market about the color of the blooms on lilacs she was selling. She gave me “a look” and said “violet”. Guess she wasn’t up on the many colors and varieties that are available. I love the really deep purple one, but this Syringa vulgaris seems to be the most fragrant. That, after all, is the dominant feature as far as I’m concerned.


It suckers like crazy (yep, that’s what all that growth around the base is). About every third year, I get in there and cut back all the shoots, but it’s a losing battle.


Usually referred to as a shrub, I would call it more of a small tree. It creates a nice bit of shade as it arches over the studio door.


Bloom time is short, about two weeks. To take advantage of its beauty and fragrance when the weather is typically sketchy, I tend to make small bouquets to place here and there around the house.



And the occasional larger one so I can also enjoy the gnarly, moss-covered branches of some larger trusses.

If you’re interested in more information, click on through to the Farmers Almanac site. To join in with a favorite of your own, go to Danger Garden and leave a comment with a link. And if you find yourself in a neighborhood where there are lilacs blooming, don’t neglect to sniff.

8 thoughts on “lilac, an old fashioned favorite

  1. Oh yeah. Nothing like a whiff of Lilac to brighten the day. Yours is so pretty arching over the studio door. We have two Syringa meyeri shrubs that usually bloom here toward the end of May. They’re often at their peak when I’m planting my vegetable garden, and several hours of exposure can be intoxicating. πŸ˜‰ I know what you mean about the suckers, although this winter and last the rabbits have pretty much taken care of those for me, along with some of the major stems. Argh.

  2. I do love a lilac, after all I’m from the lilac city! Seriously though I think this shrub get a bum-rap. They’re wonderful and earn their keep with a couple of weeks of fabulous bloom, especially in Spokane where the options are more limited.

  3. Nice shot of your kitty making his way indoors. πŸ™‚ Yes, lilac season is way too short. And yes, the fragrance is the predominant feature. I can never get enough of it. I have two white lilacs that came from suckers from our former home. Our neighbors have one like yours, S. vulgaris. It’s really nice when the weather is just right and the fragrance carries across the garden.

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