In a vase, tree peony ‘Chinese Dragon’


The tree peony ‘Chinese Dragon’ blooms in May, when it usually is beaten down by heavy rain. Rather than rail at the misfortune, I decided to bring them into the house and join in Rambling in the Garden’s meme, In a Vase on Monday.

p align=”left”>Here’s a shot that shows the shape of the vase. It’s one I got from a potter friend, Alyce Flitcraft. It has the typical tall conical shape, but then flares out at the top.


Plus, the rim of the flare is slightly ragged, making it even more interesting.


Here’s a close-up of the flowers and the lovely foliage, which goes on to be used as filler in many other bouquets, long after the fleeting flowers have passed.

7 thoughts on “In a vase, tree peony ‘Chinese Dragon’

  1. How stylish – just a few blooms and a vase, as simple as that, and it really works! That’s what I love about this meme – it needn’t be a complicated procedure, and it’s something we can all do. I didn’t notice how the vase flared out at the top at first – that’s a useful feature. Look forward to seeing more of your vases, stormy weather or not – oh, and if you leave a link on your comment on my post then other people can find you more easily too.

  2. Cathy~I had a little trouble leaving a link, but better luck next time. At least the first part of my comment got through. Thanks for hunting me down.

  3. Absolutely exquisite. The color of those peony blossoms is to die for and the foliage is such a gorgeous filler. I often bring in my spring-battered flowers. No reason to leave them out there to suffer, right?

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