even in May, foliage triumphs

Rogersia ‘Bronze Peacock’

The beautiful bronze foliage is all I ask of Rogersia ‘Bronze Peacock’. It produced a single pink flower last year and I left it in anticipation of the promised seed head. It underwhelmed, so this year it will be “off with their heads”.

Fagus sylvatica ‘Pendula Purpurea’

The weeping birch, Fagus sylvatica ‘Pendula Purpurea’ will turn a deeper shade of purple as time goes by.


The emerging leaves are more coppery and dangle in a zigzag path.

Berberis replicata

After the petals fall, these reddish drupes remain on the Berberis replicata.

Delusional Drive

Here’s a shot from the back side of Delusional Drive. It depends almost exclusively on foliage.


Most of the conifers are frosted with light green growing tips.

Hacanachloa macra

Japanese forest grass spills over the rock border edging.

Euphorbia ‘Excaliber’

Euphorbia ‘Excaliber’ is at its very best right now, so you will possibly forgive me for always including it in May’s Foliage Follow Up, hosted, as always, by fellow foliage worshiper Pam. Later in the month, Foliage Follow Up goes by another name, and can be found here, where Christina’s blog, ‘Creating my own Garden of the Hesperides’ has been influencing many of my plant choices lately.

12 thoughts on “even in May, foliage triumphs

  1. My Rogersia has decided to be green this year, can’t remember if it started out bronze then turned green or starts out green then turns bronze …maybe I need ‘the peacock’

  2. I have been so lucky to receive few starts of rogersia from Scott. I never grew them before and I am hooked! You have beautiful foliage. Delusional drive is something I want to see in person! 🙂

  3. I love the rodgersia. And the new growth on conifers. I’ve been on a conifer kick lately. Now i ‘m kicking myself for not putting more of them in my foliage follow-up.

  4. Emily~The Barberries have some surprising variations. Look, also, at B jamesiana.

    Linda~You do…it does the best bronze bit.

    Beth~We could be seriously spoiled by May if it were not for her occasional downpours.

    Alison~Me too…they are so hopeful.

    Jenni~Let me know when you want to come out.

    Evan~There’s always next month…and every month after that.

    Loree~Thank you, Ms Danger.

    Angie~The forest grass looks best early, when we are still pretty wet.

    Wendy~Not if I can help it.

    Pam~And without the calorie count.

    Grace~It’s always a puzzlement, why things perform as they do.

  5. There is something amazing about the new growth on conifers, it doesn’t look like the same tree some how! Thanks for linking in with GBFD this month, your lovely foliage is most welcome, Euphorbia ‘Excaliber’ looks like one for my list, I must look it up.

  6. Definitely no reason to apologise for including the euphorbia, it is a beauty, I had to fight not to include my E. mellifera yet again this month, which has similarly beautiful leaves. I don’t grow conifers, so I was amazed to see the “green frosting”, very striking! As is the weeping beech, not something I have seen before.

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