every day is bloom day in june

We all klnow what June is like, so I’ll limit myself by showing you only the photos that turned out pretty good. Which means these are not necessarily the best things blooming now, but, well, you know what I mean.


With its fluffy flowers just barely catching the light and leaves standing out against a background of Creeping Charlie, my only Astilbe made the cut.

Lecesteria formosa

A passalong plant, Lecesteria formosa is just beginning to bloom. These will later turn to dangling pagodas of purple fruit. Later still, it will make sure to keep the chain of passalongs fueled with new starts that I will dig up and share.

Rosa rugosa ‘Buffalo Gals’

The fence line is currently smothered in the blossoms of Rosa rugosa ‘Buffalo Gals’.See those buds? This will keep blooming for a long long time.


 This little Geum, another passalong, is nearly smothered by its neighbors. As you may have guessed by now, I like the look of a single blossom surrounded by foliage.

Lychnis coronaria

I’m trying to add just a few spots of color to the foliage-centric Delusional Drive. Lychnis coronaria does just that, and the silvery foliage picks up the theme established by Stachys ‘Helen Von Styne’. I tolerate Helen’s bloom stalks elsewhere because the bees love them, but here I will cut them off.

white iris

Nearby, the last iris to bloom is this NOID white one.

bleeding heart

It’s brethren long gone, one last little bleeding heart peeks through foliage (its own and that of Anemone ‘Honorine de Jobert’. Much as I like to use Latin names, “they” have changed so many of late that I’m resorting to the old, highly descriptive ‘Bleeding Heart’.

NOID Verbascum

I’ll leave you with a NOID Verbascum and a suggestion that you visit our host Carol of May Dreams Gardens to join in the fun.

9 thoughts on “every day is bloom day in june

  1. I ‘m with you on the single bloom surrounded by foliage, though sometimes they struggle to get through. Those Lychnis coronaria are crazy selfseeders, good job we love them so.

  2. Nice photos Ricki. Years ago I grew Leycesteria formosa. I loved how tall it would get. Then I got tired of it and pulled it out. Then I got the ‘Golden Lanters’ variety. I’m happy with it but I wish I had the tall species again. I could kick myself for all the plants I’ve ripped out only to regret later. Great post.

  3. Linda~I deadheaded the Lychnis with great gusto and nearly lost them. These, I plan to let go to seed. Fortunately, they are easy to pull out if they get out of hand.

    Heather~I almost felt Scott-like, taking that photo.

    Grace~I can definitely give you a replacement, but you must come here to get it (har har…I’m a sly one, plotting to meet you in person).

  4. I just have to say that I love all the pictures that you post. I especially love the Bleeding Heart Flowers. They are so unique and I just love looking for them, they are like a hidden treasure on their plants! 🙂 Thank you for all of your gorgeous pictures!!

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