gifts from the storm


Our fabulous Clematis armandii took a big hit in the legendary storm of ’08. Rather than enjoying clouds of fragrant blooms, we watched as the foliage slowly faded to the color of the leaf you see on the right. Because it shades us from the afternoon sun on our deck, we left the dead plant in place, planting a new one at the other side of the deck to slowly take its place. Lo and behold! Vigorous new shoots soon came up from the roots of the old plant, and began producing leaves that are twice the size of the originals. That new leaf, on the left, measures 12″. The new growth is so rampant that I go out there daily to hack back more of the dead stuff and make way for the fresh vines…feels a bit like ‘Jack and the Beanstock’.

5 thoughts on “gifts from the storm

  1. Loree: I will try to remember to let you know…though if similarly dramatic, it will warrant a post of its own.

    ICQB: Not all…but it could just be a ‘glass-half-full’ thing. Aren’t all gardeners eternal optimists?

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